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p...@greenlogix.eu wrote:

> that's it, I am going back to subversion, I dont have a Phd nor a
> NASA ingeneer degree
> these are way to complicated for just 2 person working on a same
> project
> this is geberish, and I repeat, why so much hassel for a first
> commit/push

Yeah, the very creator of Subversion summarized this all nicely: [1].

I'd still advise you to make a habit of going for a short walk to make a
few gulps of fresh air before writing a response -- even if you're not
satisfied, are irritated, angry and whatnot.  Take your time to place
yourself in the boots of the person who just tried to help and spent a
hefty amount of their time doing so, and then received a reply claiming
all the stuff they are versed in is gibberish and so on.  I do not feel
offended, just please try to understand that your personal inability
or dissatisfaction with a technology is not a problem this list is
concerned with or interested about.  Really, when you want to dump
something like this to a mailing list, please tweet or write a blog
post instead.

Have fun.

1. http://blog.red-bean.com/sussman/?p=79

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