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John McKown <john.archie.mck...@gmail.com> wrote:

> > > I use git at home. I have my normal working directories. I keep
> > > the associated bare repository on a NAS box (accessed with NFS,
> > > if that matters). I am wondering if it is a good idea to
> > > periodically, say monthly, go a git gc --aggressive on the bare
> > > repositories which I update almost daily.
> >
> > It won't harm but I'm not sure why spend electrons doing
> > --aggressive when you can just do --auto in a daily/weekly cron job
> > and let Git itself decide whether it wants to get real with your
> > repository and actually repack something there.
> ​I wasn't sure if using git in my working directory would actually
> pack the remote bare repository when I did a "git push".​ I
> appreciate your response.

Ah, this.
No, it won't.  Your pack files are not transferred directly as Git wire
protocol operates on abstract histories, like "hey, the user told me
to fetch branch «foo», and that has XYZ as its tip commit; let's figure
out which graph of objects you need to pack for me to fetch so that my
«foo» looks like yours".

It also helps keeping in mind that "remote" repositories, even bare,
are not treated by Git in any special way compared to "local": you can
fetch into a "remote" repository, and push from it in the same way you
do in a "local" repository.

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