I just wanted to thank Luis Pereira, it was a pain trying to figure out how 
to save in VIM, CTRL+S was definitely not it, your suggestion worked. thank 

On Wednesday, July 9, 2008 at 12:03:11 AM UTC-4, Ruby Freak wrote:
> I am (attempting) to follow the peepcode get tutorial, which has me 
> rather in the mood for a rant at the moment..... that's better. 
> Geoffrey had me do a 'git commit -v' which didn't look at all like his 
> screen as I am on Ubuntu. Vim appeared and asked me to type in a 
> commit message at the top of the screen. I did that, but couldn't 
> figure out how to save the damn thing. nothing worked, it just added 
> to the message. I finally just closed vim and then I had a lock file. 
> I deleted the lock file and now everything is hosed. I finaly just 
> deleted the whole .git directory and started over. 
> after I do a 'git commit -v', how do I save the commit message at the 
> top of the screen in VIM? 
> also When I edit the .gitignore file git tells me about it when I run 
> git status. 
> what do I do about that? just treat it as any other file? 
> Thanks in advance 

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