Deploy Keys are a concept in GitLab for providing access to repos without a 
user account. The idea is that they can be used for read-only access for 
things like build servers that do not represent an individual person and do 
not need to push.

I was confused by the fact that deploy keys are not associated with a user 
account so I assumed that the way in which you use them to connect was 
different from how you use an ssh key with a user account. It turns out 
that was a bad assumption. You use deploy keys on the client side the same 
way you use one for a regular user account. I'm just new to ssh keys and 
gitlab and did not assume they would be the same and could not find any 
documentation saying anything one way or the other.

It would be nice if the deploy key documentation had a one liner saying 
this, as it's only obvious to those experienced with ssh key usage. Perhaps 
a link to the page describing how to use SSH keys for user accounts as a 
reference as well.

On Wednesday, September 2, 2015 at 4:08:15 AM UTC-7, Konstantin Khomoutov 
> On Tue, 1 Sep 2015 16:55:39 -0700 (PDT) 
> <javascript:> wrote: 
> > I've created a deploy key to use for our build server and associated 
> > the public key with the repos. I cannot, however, for the life of me, 
> > figure out how to connect and clone the repo using the private deploy 
> > key. I have been completely unable to find any instructions on this. 
> > Can anyone help? 
> > 
> > For context, the client is a linux box and I am a linux noob so I 
> > will need step by step instructions for anything beyond a simple 
> > one-line command. 
> Two things: 
> * I'm not really sure what "deploy keys" are. 
>   Do you mean your build server's front-end software is able to generate 
>   a pair of SSH keys for you, associate the public key with some repos 
>   hosted there, then make it possible for you to obtain the private 
>   SSH key of that pair and then *use it to push stuff to those repos.* 
>   That's important because we need to weed irrelevant information 
>   from your question out to get to the gist of it.  My gut feeling is 
>   that you just basically want to know how to make specific SSH key 
>   be used to push stuff to a remote repo, and that's all there is 
>   to it.  So I'd like to make sure my guess is correct. 
>   Is my definition correct? 
> * What OS are you using? 
>   I assume it's not Linux-based, and if yes, the question is 
>   how did you obtain Git to install there? 
>   Again, that's important because on a Linux-based system obtaining Git 
>   is as trivial as installing a package, and "the rest" (like the 
>   way Git interacts with SSH) is in 99% the same across different 
>   operating systems.  In case of Windows, things get trickier. 

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