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> Deploy Keys are a concept in GitLab for providing access to repos
> without a user account. The idea is that they can be used for
> read-only access for things like build servers that do not represent
> an individual person and do not need to push.
> I was confused by the fact that deploy keys are not associated with
> a user account so I assumed that the way in which you use them to
> connect was different from how you use an ssh key with a user
> account. It turns out that was a bad assumption. You use deploy keys
> on the client side the same way you use one for a regular user
> account. I'm just new to ssh keys and gitlab and did not assume they
> would be the same and could not find any documentation saying
> anything one way or the other.
> It would be nice if the deploy key documentation had a one liner
> saying this, as it's only obvious to those experienced with ssh key
> usage. Perhaps a link to the page describing how to use SSH keys for
> user accounts as a reference as well.

That's a very good suggestion.  Please do bring it up with the people
involved with gitlab: http://is.gd/bSnZA5


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