On Wed, Sep 23, 2015 at 04:22:45AM -0700, Mathias Giacomuzzi wrote:
> Yes i found that out but when i push it to stash as an example and do
> a fresh clone with submodule the the submodule is not on the tag
> before. I points to the master so I had no cotrol.
> The only way i found out is to use braches for the versions - thats
> really bad

That's very strange, probably we're talking about different things then,
because I've just walked through a sequence to verify that I recall the
behaviour correctly:

1.  Create a bare repo
2.  Clone it
3.  Add a submodule (I just picked something off github)
4.  Move into the submodule folder and checkout a specific tag
5.  Move up to the parent project again, add and commit it all
6.  Push to `origin`
7.  Create a second clone
8.  Run `submodule update --init`, verify that the submodule is at the
    changeset of the tag

For added fun I did

9.  In the second clone, move to the submodule folder
10. Checkout another tag
11. Move up to the parent project
12. Add and commit the change
13. Push to `origin`
14. Move to the first clone
15. `pull`, or `fetch` and `merge --ff-only`
16. Run `submodule update` and verify that the submodule now is at the
    changeset of the tag you picked in 10

It all behaves exactly as I expected it, so probably I've misunderstood
you, or been unclear in my earlier email.


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