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  Subject: [git-users] When a file was locked by some program, git will work 

  To be specific
  In my Unity project, there is a native plugin,  and plugin's extension is 
.dll, and this plugin is 
  under git version control, when Unity is running, the plugin file will be 
  If i merge another branch, which contains modification of the plugin, git 
will report error, looks 
  error: unable to unlink old 'xxxxxxx/xxx.dll' (Permission denied)
  This is not bad, however, the unfinished merge action will not revert by git, 
a lot of changes 
  produced in repository. 
  usually it makes me crazy, even worse, some of my partners are not 
  good at using git.
  Of course, this problem can be avoided by quit Unity, but not every time we 
can remember. In 
  my opinion, git should revert the unfinished action when the error occurred, 
not just stop.
I believe you can set the file type in .gitattributes and can set the mergetool 
in the config, and crete your own custom merge driver, so that you can easily 
code the method you want. You will need to check the manual for details (I'm 
currently travelling).


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