Hey all!

I am familiar with git but new to collaboration on project on github. I 
forked a repo (learnxinyminutes-docs) to make changes. I cloned it locally 
and made the required changes in the master branch only and committed it. 
Then I sent a pull request which got rejected. Now the project has new 
commits and it does not have mine. So the commit history is very different. 
And after merging it creates a new commit by my name. Now if I do some 
other changes, and then send a pull request, all my commits would show up. 
I got frustrated and deleted the whole repo, forked it and cloned it again. 
Where did I go wrong and what is the best practice ? And let's say if my 
pull request got accepted, then what changes should I make to my local repo?

Pranit Bauva

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