So, I now know a lot more about git, the staging area, git reset, etc. Thank 

And, I'm starting to understand a big point of confusion for me.

keybounceMBP:realisticfluids michael$ git status
On branch PrepAlpha3.3
Your branch is up-to-date with 'origin/PrepAlpha3.3'.
nothing to commit, working directory clean
keybounceMBP:realisticfluids michael$ git ls-files -s
100644 1d6bb4fbd5581bf2388335e09527ee66b9992f5a 0
100644 5fca4227bb849fc2f249796e8168b3747cefc1d8 0
100644 e2fb31c795ca03c4ca1420a642ba9346ee7fdc35 0
... snip

Note that I have nothing checked in. Nothing modified. Somehow, I thought this 
meant that there was nothing staged for the next commit -- the "index file" was 
empty, as everything is clean.

Now, I know that this is far, far from true.

More to the point, I had thought (since I misunderstood what git reset did), 
that if I had two or three files added, and wanted them to go back in history, 
that the solution would be to figure out how to move the HEAD pointer, without 
altering the index file -- because the files that were checked in were what I 
wanted to move.

But that's not what the index stores. It doesn't store "what's been added for 
the next commit". It stores every tracked file, and is how git even tells which 
files are tracked or not.

Thank you.

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