There is great plugin into Git named Git-Number,
you can check it out it here

*Why do I find it awesome?*
- because it boosts developer's productivity
- it adds new command "git number" which works similar to "git status" but 
adds index numbers to listed files
- so when I want to commit just some files and do this:
-- type git number
-- system lists all files prefixed with their index
-- like this

1 fileA
2 fileB
3 fileC
4 fileD
5 fileE

-- then if i want to commit just fileA and fileC, I do not need to type the 
whole (potentially) long file name, and instead type
git number add 1 3
which is the equivalent of git add fileA; git add fileC

*Why do I want it to be part of git?*
- because it is awesome, but the plugin installation process is cumbersome 
and I never make it right on the first try 
- I also believe it would help other developers to manage their commits 
faster then in the GUI

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