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David Votrubec <david.votru...@gmail.com> wrote:

> There is great plugin into Git named Git-Number,
> you can check it out it here https://github.com/holygeek/git-number

This list is about helping newbie Git users solve their problems with
using Git and not about the development of Git.

Please consider bringing your issue before the Git developers on the
main Git list.  Please make sure to read [1] first to figure out how to
properly post there.

My personal view is that when the user works in a shell with pathname
autocompletion this plugin is next to useless.  Another thing to
consider is that generally there are two approaches to committing: you
want your commit to be well thought out or you want to commit quick.
For the former case, time spent on picking up files is IMO negligible
compared to the time put into figuring out which parts to commit;
in the latter case, we have `git commit -a` and/or `git add -u` and
`git add -A`.

1. https://gist.github.com/tfnico/4441562

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