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Wind Over Water <wndovr...@gmail.com> wrote:


> Some more info:
> Looking deeper into the first reported duplicate:

Did you see the Jeff King's response on the main Git list (he Cc'd you)?
If yes, did it help?

If no, please consider responding to *that* mail using the "Reply to
all" feature in your mail reader (and make sure it won't produce an
HTML-formatted message!).

While I'm fine with forwarding a problem we're unable to solve to the
more skilled folks, shoveling messages back and forth is a bit of an
overkill for me, hope you'll understand.

Posting a message to the main Git list is OK even if you're not
subscribed to it, so fear not.  Just make sure you won't send HTML
there as otherwise you message will be silently dropped.

You can check the fate of your messages here [1] ;-)

1. http://dir.gmane.org/gmane.comp.version-control.git

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