>>>>> Igor Deyashkin <igor.deyashkin-re5jqeeqqe8avxtiumw...@public.gmane.org>:

> What are you expect from git gc in your case?

I didn't *expect* anyhing, but what I *hoped* for was a way for git to
compress the repository as much as it could on each push.

Ie. compress it as much as what I get when I cd into the bare repo on
the remote and do a
 git gc --agressive --prune=now

(which saves quite a bit of space on my org file repos, everytime I've
tried it)

If I can't get this using git configuration, I can get what I want on
the remote by creating a cronjob that packs it every night.  But that
seems like a hack.  

Also it won't pack the repos of my work directories.

> Seems like your remote repository havent any garbage commits. Am i not
> right?

I wasn't so much after the garbage collection, as the repacking.


- Steinar

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