>>>>> Gergely Polonkai <gergely-Jm3h5J/owflsq35pwsn...@public.gmane.org>:

> You may want to play with gc.pruneexpire. From man git-config:

>        gc.pruneexpire
>            When git gc is run, it will call prune --expire 2.weeks.ago.
>            Override the grace period with this config variable. The value
>            "now" may be used to disable this grace period and always prune
>            unreachable objects immediately.

This seemed to work the first time on one of my repositories (the
longest lived one), so I thought this did the trick, but hasn't worked
on later pushes, unfortunately...:-/

To summarize:
I have two different git repositores containing org-mode files.  One of
these repositories use git+ssh and has a history going back 6 years with
708 commits, and one using https and with a history going back 8 months
and 37 commits.

I have set the values
on both of the remote repositories and all of their clients (where
should the values be set? On the remote or on the clients?).

The gc.auto setting has been there for a while with no seeming effect,
and adding the gc.pruneexpire setting seemed to work on a single push.

(I have the possibility to add a hook on the remote, to compress on every
push, or alternatively compress using a cron job, but I thought it would
be more correct if I could convince git to do this on its own)

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