Hi everyone,

I have a script for automating generation of git patch files.
For this I need to know which files were changed and which were added after
applying a given  patch, immediately after applying it finished succesfully.

Now, I can find out which files were changed as a result of applying
that given patch simply by:
git diff --name-only

But running "git diff --name-only" does not show the files which are
added by a given
They do appear in the "Untracked files" section when running:
"git status"
But this does not help me, as there are also other untracked patches in that
section, and I cannot find out which files were added by this given patch.

So my question is:
is there a way to find out which files were added by a given patch (in
case there were such)
after applying it ? or any other way ?


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