I'm trying to merge a hotfix into the master branch. What am I doing wrong?

(on master):
keybounceMBP:Finite-Fluids michael$ git merge ReleaseAlpha40..HotFixFluidLost
merge: ReleaseAlpha40..HotFixFluidLost - not something we can merge

What's going on: ReleaseAlpha40 and master have a common ancestor. 4 commits 
back on master, I made the branch "PrepAlpha4", and was getting it ready for 
release. The first commit was to remove debugging spam (to Prep); then came 3 
commits to master to fix things that got missed/lost during debugging, each of 
which was followed by "checkout PrepAlpha4; merge master".

When done, I tagged it with ReleaseAlpha40.

Now, I've made three commits to a hotfix off ReleaseAlpha40 to solve a big 
problem. I want to merge those changes into master.

If I just do "git merge ReleaseAlpha40", that includes a commit that removes 
debugging messages, that I need to keep in master. (Note that this is still 
alpha for a reason).

If it helps to understand what I mean, look at 

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