Hi Pranit,
Thanks for your reply. I was working on git-scm. I have the clone of its 
repository. I will sure read the complete docs. I am in beginning of Open 
source software. Actually I wanted to know whether there are documents 
which tell us what function does what or what for a file is included. By 
the way thanks again for the answer. 
On Sunday, November 29, 2015 at 10:06:16 AM UTC+5:30, Pranit Bauva wrote:
> Hey Amey,
> A git repository stores only the source code and its copies at different 
> commits. The bug reports are not stored in a git repository. If the project 
> that you want to contribute to has a Github repository then you may find 
> there bug reports. Though its not necessary that you will find bug reports 
> there because there are many projects that use Github as a "publish only" 
> repository and manage bugs somewhere else. To start contribution, First 
> read the entire docs not just the coding guidelines. Then start reading 
> code and fixing typos. The docs usually contain a lot of types. Then browse 
> through bugs and find the easy to fix ones. Fix those. Then when you reach 
> the stage where you will know what to do next. The reading of docs is 
> extremely important. Which project are you thinking of working on?
> Regards,
> Pranit Bauva
> On Saturday, 28 November 2015 18:13:55 UTC+5:30, amey jain wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am new to Open source as well as to git. I recently cloned git repo. I 
>> read the coding guidelines as well. I didn't find where to get bug reports 
>> and where to code. I am new to this can you help me out.

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