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> Thanks for your reply. I was working on git-scm. I have the clone of
> its repository. I will sure read the complete docs. I am in beginning
> of Open source software. Actually I wanted to know whether there are
> documents which tell us what function does what or what for a file is
> included. By the way thanks again for the answer. 

Please don't perceive what I will say as a discouragement
but judging from these two mails of yours in this thread I'd say
it would be much better for you to attempt working on some more
accessible and simple project than Git.

"The problem" is that Git is a pretty hard-core software project
developed mostly by wizards -- I mean people with decades (literally)
of experience in writing hight-performance C code, with intricate
knowledge of the hardware platrofms it targets, the compilers it can be
built using, networking, odds of particular OSes and so on and so on.

While the project is definitely open to contribution, the way you're
approaching it suggests you're not such a wizard yet ;-)

I would hence do something like this instead:

* Subscribe to the main Git list [1].

* Lurk there, and see how people discuss problems, post patches, review
  them and so on.

  Consider reading the archives as well [2].

* In the meanwhile, find a project easier to tackle and play with it.

  If you have a GNU/Linux-based OS, helping out its developers with
  fixing outstanding bugs would be a great F/OSS experience
  (I maintain a pair of packages for Debian so beleive me on this) ;-)

1. https://gist.github.com/tfnico/4441562
2. http://dir.gmane.org/gmane.comp.version-control.git

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