I would like to see what options there are for the workspace/repository 
architecture in an engineering company.    Considerations:

1)  400 contributors

2)  20 projects on going at any time

3)  Contributors are typically on more than one project

4)  Artifacts / properties

   a) CAD drawings with no external references

   b) CAD drawings with external references (other drawings, spreadsheets)

   c) Spreadsheets (some used to drive drawings and datasheets)

   d) Device datasheets

   e) Specifications

    f) Reports

5)  We currently have 5 offices across the globe ( 4 in the US).


Our current workflow (no version management system) includes a centralized 
network.  Each type of artifact shares a folder for common artifacts.  Users 
operate directly on the network share (no files are stored on the users 
machine).  These larage files open rapidly over the network.  The major 
purpose for the network workspace has to do with saving files.  When the 
workspace was on local machines, there were huge difficulties of the wrong 
version being on the network.  Assuring the most up to date files are on 
the network is extremely important.  With a VCS, it would be great that 
everytime a user saved a file, it would be committed and when opening a 
file, the master would be the default.


I have just finished reading *https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2* 
<https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2>.  There seems to be many options, but it 
seems ‘cumbersome’ to checkout and commit when the repository would be 100 
GB.  And more so, in conflict with the checkout overlaying all files on the 
common workspace.  We had setup a SVN test where individual files were 
version controlled.  This allowed for the common workspace and minimal 
interaction since drawings are not readily tested as code (I would really 
like to have an automated method to accomplish that but it would take up 
more time than I have).  


Thank you ahead of time for all feedback.



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