Ray Joseph writes:
> I would like to see what options there are for the
> workspace/repository architecture in an engineering company.
> Considerations:
> 1)  400 contributors
> 2)  20 projects on going at any time
> 3)  Contributors are typically on more than one project
> 4)  Artifacts / properties
>    a) CAD drawings with no external references
>    b) CAD drawings with external references (other drawings,
>    spreadsheets)
>    c) Spreadsheets (some used to drive drawings and datasheets)
>    d) Device datasheets
>    e) Specifications
>    f) Reports
> 5)  We currently have 5 offices across the globe ( 4 in the US).

I think you first of all have to ask yourself the following question:

- Why (distributed & concurrent) version control?

A few answers to the question for SW engineering are:

1. We have a need to support multiple released versions of the software

2. Each member of the team needs to be free to make changes in any file,
no matter what other members of the team are working on.  (In other
words, develops must be able to make changes to the same file concurrently.)

3. We can use version control to help diagnose issues with the code
(e.g. `git bisect`).

There are many more possible answers, but I hope you get the gist by now

Another consideration is also that many of the version control tools
that were developed for SW take advantage of source code being plain
text (this is almost universally the case).  There are well-know
algorithms for diffing and merging plain text.  It looks to me like you
are not dealing with plain text files in which case you need to look
into diffing and merging of the files you are planning to put into git.
(In my experience this is where the value of using a VCS tool for
non-text files *really* drop.)


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