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Mark Allen <mark.al...@intared.com> wrote:

> Thanks for the reply.
> No - it's not anything being blocked. I've tried it on a fresh, clean 
> install of Windows 10 (with only updates applied) and with Windows
> Firewall turned off.
> Looks like I'm not the only one 
> https://github.com/git-for-windows/git/issues/440. This is closed
> without much of a resolution, so I opened a ticket their for it too 
> https://github.com/git-for-windows/git/issues/580.

Thanks for the amount of the information provided.
But be prepared to be asked for more.

> The problem with reliable software is you take it for granted and
> when it's not there anymore you're lost!

The problem with some pieces of reliable software is that everyone
thinks a big thing like Git is something backed by a truckload of
corporate-paid long-beardrd wizards which make no errors but the
reality is rather different ;-)

The reality is that for the 99% of its lifetime Git for Windows was run
by a gang of some 4 or 5 folks working on it in their spare time, and
only until very recently -- less than half a year I'd say -- GfW
received corporate backing in the form of its lead developer having
been hired by MS for a position allowing him to contribute to GfW in
his paid work hours.  Now those 4-5 folks *are* wizards, but they can't
find and squash all the possible errors which might come up.  Especially
given how funky the problems on Windows may be, and the fact GfW is a
port of a software which mostly targets a POSIX-like stack doesn't make
this situation easier.

The project is still underpowered, and hence the quality of the
released versions basically amounts to the level of testing before a
particular release is done.

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