Hi, Magnus,

The Enterprise I'm working at has separated its DEV, TEST, and PRODUCTION 
environments with firewalls.

Code may be PUSHed to a Code Management System in DEV ONLY. In the TEST and 
PRODUCTION environments, the CMS repository MUST (cf. RFC-2119) be PULL ONLY. 
In proposing a CMS, I MUST include the possibility that the same user has 
access to the same project from more than one environment, so controlling 
access by user won't work. If the same user has the same access to the same 
repository in DEV and TEST, what stops that user from adding code via the TEST 


> On Jan 7, 2016, at 02:59, Magnus Therning <mag...@therning.org> wrote:
> What do you mean by "enviroment" here?
> It's common to authorize by user, or by group, but I simply don't
> understand what you mean by "environment".


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