David Barr writes:

> Hi, Magnus,
> The Enterprise I'm working at has separated its DEV, TEST, and
> PRODUCTION environments with firewalls.

Ah, so by "environment" you mean network segment, or subdomain.

> Code may be PUSHed to a Code Management System in DEV ONLY. In the
> TEST and PRODUCTION environments, the CMS repository MUST (cf.
> RFC-2119) be PULL ONLY. In proposing a CMS, I MUST include the
> possibility that the same user has access to the same project from
> more than one environment, so controlling access by user won't work.
> If the same user has the same access to the same repository in DEV and
> TEST, what stops that user from adding code via the TEST environment?

So you basically want to include the source IP address in the decision
of whether a push succeeds?

I'm sorry but this sounds *amazingly* strange to me. Probably because I
don't quite get what you mean.


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