I have a use case where projects A, B and C are all using a third party 
tool with an opinionated directory layout. Each project has some duplicated 
files as well as their own custom files within the same layout.

To allow code reuse I would like to put the duplicated files into a 
separate project D, but have these shared files still visible within the 
layout used within A, B and C. I have looked at ways of achieving this via 
union file systems, docker and package / programmatic means, but each of 
these option has unwanted limitations. 

Currently I'm investigating using GIT to achieve this, and I'd like to hear 
some suggestions on how to do it. 

Using D as an upstream repository is almost what I need, as it will merge 
the files from D into locations in A, B and C when a fetch and merge 
happens. Unfortunately, if some other file in D changes and it also in A, B 
or C, there will be a merge conflict. Does anyone have an idea how to 
essentially do a 'sparse checkout' from just the upstream but not the main 
repository? I've experimented with hacking the .git/config file to add this 
in to the remote 'upstream' section to no avail. Any other ideas to achieve 
the same thing?  


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