Hi guys,

I have setup Git/GitLab on Debian 7.7
I have configured GitLab for SSL.

Now i am trying to connect to my Git project with GitGUI for Windows and i 
receive the following error: 

fatal: unable to access 
'https://git.corp.group.local/bravi/project_test2.git/': SSL certificate 
problem: self signed certificate

I have read a couple of posts about that issue and tried this command:

   1. git config --system http.sslCAPath /etc/gitlab/ssl. The path above 
   contains the Self-Signed certificate i have created for use with Gitlab. 
   2. I also copied the crt file to ca-certifcates and ran the below 
   command to add the CA as Trusted on the Git server

 cp /etc/gitlab/ssl/remcorpgit01.corp.remarkgroup.local.crt 
 dpkg-reconfigure ca-certificates

      3. I have installed the certificate on my local machine (Windows 
client)  in the Trusted Root Certificate store

Despite all this i still get the fatal error (even with new projects)

Any help would be appreciated.


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