We're a C# development shop, and I've gone through the trouble of making a 
script that will safely migrate stand-alone SVN projects into a Git 
repository without problems.  There's a lot of support for Git to promote 
subdirectories up the directory structure, but not much support to push 
them down the directory structure.

My problem is this:

   - For legacy reasons we have a set of projects that were always included 
   as externs in a larger project.
   - Those "extern" projects also have a separate repository for unit 
   tests, etc.
   - I want to create a new C# solution to merge everything about these 
   extern projects so I can turn them into nuget packages and all 
   related source code in one place

We have a mess that we did to ourselves.  I can pre-stage what I want to do 
in Subversion, but it will break all the externs--which just compounds the 
work.  While I did see some fancy git index filtering commands to push the 
contents of a git repository down a directory I haven't been able to get 
them to run correctly in Git for Windows.

Let's say we have the following SVN structure:

   - Common
      - trunk
      - branches
      - tags
   - Common.WPF
      - trunk
      - branches
      - tags
   - Common.WinForms
      - trunk
      - branches
      - tags
   - Unit Tests
      - trunk
      - branches
      - tags

I want to create one Git repository that looks like this:

   - Common
      - Core
      - WPF
      - WinForms
      - Test
All while preserving the history for each of these.  Converting the 
individual projects to a Git repository isn't a problem.  It's merging them 
together so I can finish the job of turning these into libraries we 
reference rather than embed.  Even if you convince me that Core, WPF, and 
WinForms should be in separate repositories, the Unit Tests that go against 
Core code need to be merged in to that project.

Is there anything that would allow me to create a parent Git repository and 
do separate Git SVN mounts for the subfolders?  That would be ideal. 

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