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> I did initially attempt to create a Linux VM, but all the Linnux
> installers these days assume you have a live connection to the
> internet.  Gone are the good old days where you could actually have a
> complete offline install experience.

I use Debian almost exclusively, and it certainly installable solely
from the CDs or DVDs [2].  Typically you only need the first CD or DVD
to get the base system installed.  And I'm pretty sure Git will be on
the first CD (for DVD my confidence is 99.9% ;-)).

> As to multiple trees, Do I then go through each branch on the trees
> and make them a local copy with a final clone to a fresh repo?

I don't understand this sentence.  In Git, a tree is what a commit
refers to.  Also it's what is checked out from a commit (as in the term
"work tree").

To reiterate, I propose to use `git svn` to produce a single branch
from each of your "trunk" branches of each of the source "folders" in
Subversion, and then filter the resulting Git branches and then merge
them together to produce a "joined" history which you then bless as the
starting point of your Git-only solution.

That is, you convert "Common/trunk" of the source repo to a
whatever-named branch in a Git repo.  Typically that would be a
separate repo (say, named "core") with the branch "master" containing
the history converted from that "Common/Core/trunk" folder of the
Subversion repository.  "Common.WPF/trunk" will end up being "master"
in a "wpf" repo and so on.  You then create yet another -- integration
-- Git repo, fetch those "master" branches of the separate branches
into the new one (or push them from those separate repos into the
integration repo -- as Alexandru suggested) and then merge those
branches into some (empty) mainline branch after filtering.

> The intent is that this becomes a one way trip so I don't have to have
> two way commits.

Yes, I understand this.


2. https://www.debian.org/CD/

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