On wo, 2016-01-20 at 01:02 -0800, Olivier Mengué wrote:

> Le mardi 19 janvier 2016 19:16:42 UTC+1, Olivier Mengué a écrit :
> > Maybe there is way to unpack packs? I did another clone from the
> > server, but I only get packs in .git/objects. If I could explode
> > them, maybe I could repair by corrupted repo...
> > 
> I have been able to almost recover.
> I did another clone of the repo, then in the corrupted repo I did
> "git unpack-objects --strict < ../the-other
> -clone/.git/objects/pack/*.pack"
> I have been able to checkout the files that were marked as removed
> and where blob were missing.
> Then "git gc".
> Now "git fsck" reports only 3 dangling blobs and 1 dangling commit.
> No more *missing* blobs! :)
> How can I tell is the remaining dangling blobs and commit are
> important?

Dangling blobs/commits are blobs that can no longer be reached from a
ref, usually as a result of a rebase or commit --amend. These are not
corruptions at all and a perfectly normal thing to have happen. If you
want to look at their content, just do git show $sha1_of_object.
Dennis Kaarsemaker

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