My hard disk is starting to show its old age. On my Ubuntu system I 
occasionally get in a state where the root filesystem is switched to read 
only mode.

Today this happened during a "git fetch" (or maybe a "git rebase") that 
triggered a "git gc".
After reboot+fsck, my git repo is corrupted.

"git gc" fails ("fatal: unable to read <sha1>").
"git fsck" reports missing blobs and dangling commits.
"git status" reports I have deleted files but I haven't (this looks like a 
failed checkout), and a "git checkout" of those files fails because git 
fails to find the blob.

I hope that the missing blobs are on the remote (git+ssh).
How can I tell git to redownload all objects linked from HEAD of the 
remote, bypassing what it thinks it already has?
As "git fsck" is reporting "dangling commits", may be I could dump those 
commit to find out if the missing stuff is important (committed recently by 
myself) or not (probably on the server)?
Maybe there is way to unpack packs? I did another clone from the server, 
but I only get packs in .git/objects. If I could explode them, maybe I 
could repair by corrupted repo...
I don't know how to do any of those things...

If I have to go from scratch from a new clone, I would at least be able to 
import my stash from the corrupted repo...

I'm using git 1.9.1.


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