Are they different objects?
In the Git user manual 
<> it is written 
that "your local repository keeps branches which track each of those remote 
branches, called remote-tracking branches, which you can view using the -r 
option to git-branch.

Overall If I am not wrong there should be local branches and 
remote-tracking branches in my local repository, and remote branches at 
BitBucket or GitHub for instance.

I usually create a topic/feature branch with: git checkout -b topic-branch
I work on it and push it from time to time to BitBucket with: git push -u 
origin topic-branch
Then when I finished I merge topic-branch to master and push it to BitBucket

If in the end the work on my new feature was completed I would probably 
want to remove my local and remote topic-branch.
What then am I supposed to do? Delete only my local and remote branch or 
also my remote-tracking branch?

In other words, I should use all the following three commands:

git branch -d topic-branch
git push origin --delete topic-branch
git branch -dr origin/topic-branch

or only two of them are necessary?

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