It seems that after the deletion of the remote branch automatically the 
corresponding remote-tracking branch is also deleted.
First I checked with git branch -r that the useless branch was on the list, 
then I deleted the local branch and the remote branch with:

git branch -d topic-branch
git push origin --delete topic-branch

After that origin/topic-branch was not more in the list of git branch -r
I also checked in .git/refs/remotes/origin
I repeated the above steps with another branch with the same result: the 
remote-tracking branch is deleted after the deletion of the remote branch.
So as far as I have understood none of the following commands after the 
above commands seem necessary:

git branch -dr origin/topic-branch
git remote prune origin

I wonder when they are necessary.
My git version is: 2.7.2
Can you report the same behaviour?

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