I have clone Mercurial repository from 
https://bitbucket.org/fbennett/citeproc-js using git and 
git-remote-hg from https://github.com/felipec/git-remote-hg.  
When I did I run

   $ git fsck

on the result and got this:

     $ git fsck
     Checking object directories: 100% (256/256), done.
     warning in tree ad82bbbe50a28ff5e712c1a18986908168afbf10: contains '.git'
     Checking objects: 100% (46524/46524), done.

Ignoring that most likely this is most likely a bug in 
git-remote-hg, what can I do with such repo?

1) Is there a tool which would find all commits to which tree 
    ad82bbbe50a28ff5e712c1a18986908168afbf10 belongs?

2) I hoped that

     $ git filter-branch --tree-filter \
         'git rm --cached -q -f -r .git ||/bin/true' HEAD

    might be the cure for my problems. However, it went through 
    and (even after git gc --prune=now) I still get the same 
    error in git fsck.

3) Another way of attack was to find by a weird combination git 
    log and git cat-file -p in crazily long pipe (which I cannot 
    reproduce right now) that the offending tree could be 
    somewhere in the commit 

    So I ammended the parent commit with the removal of 
    locale/.git subdirectory and marked the branch as 
    fixed_commit. Original bad commit which introduced 
    locale/.git I marked as branch bad_commit and run

    $ git rebase --onto fixed_commit bad_commit master

    Then I removed the bad_commit and fixed_commit branches and 
    run git gc --aggressive --prune=now

    ... git fsck still shows the same error (on the same object)

    So, as a last resort I exported whole repository with git 
    fast-export to a file and imported to a new fresh directory 
    (with git init beforehand) via git fast-import && git 
    checkout -f (not sure, which it has to be there, but it 
    must). And ...

    git fsck shows the same error.

(for those who would say, that I should just ignore the warning, 
it apparently breaks my attempts to push to a remote git 

Any ideas, what to do?



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