I would like something like the following description:

I do jobs on remote sites, sometimes on some form of remote desktop 
(normally TeamViewer) and sometimes physically there.
The site has some local repositories which are committed when job is 
finished (a mix of "source code" and other files) and I want to push these 
to a remote repo, self-hosted on e.g. GitLab.
As long as the internet is working fine I think this is fairly simple using 
SSH, Git or similar protocols (recommendations ? Probably a vpn connection 
is feasable).
But, sometimes when physically on site, there is no internet. Commits to 
local repos will be done anyway, but how to "push" ?

Is it possible to bring the whole repo on e.g. an USB stick (size of repo 
hardly ever more than 5-10 GB in total, probably much smaller), copy this 
to a folder when coming home from site and then push from there ?

Without knowing any tech. details, I assume that a normal network push 
starts with a non-chatty communication with the server to negotiate what is 
neccessary to pack and push.
If so, is this as simple as one "get something" request from local to 
server, build a pack and send to server ?
If so, it seems like this "get something" may be done at home before goinng 
to site ? (Assuming no network and requirement for very small file transfer 
on removable device).

Anyone some simple advice on how to proceed ?

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