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> I would like something like the following description:
> I do jobs on remote sites, sometimes on some form of remote desktop 
> (normally TeamViewer) and sometimes physically there.
> The site has some local repositories which are committed when job is 
> finished (a mix of "source code" and other files) and I want to push these 
> to a remote repo, self-hosted on e.g. GitLab.
> As long as the internet is working fine I think this is fairly simple using 
> SSH, Git or similar protocols (recommendations ? Probably a vpn connection 
> is feasable).
> But, sometimes when physically on site, there is no internet. Commits to 
> local repos will be done anyway, but how to "push" ?
> Is it possible to bring the whole repo on e.g. an USB stick (size of repo 
> hardly ever more than 5-10 GB in total, probably much smaller), copy this 
> to a folder when coming home from site and then push from there ?


I've in fact done exactly that a few times when being forced to work
with customer supplied laptops. I prefer my own laptop for the
day-to-day work, but I can't put my laptop on the VPN. I then push
regularly to a USB stick and walk over to the customer laptop (that I
can put on the VPN), fetch from the USB stick and push to the central

It's not convenient, but it works.

There are other options, such as creating bundles (see `man git-bundle`)
and normal patches (see `man git-format-patch`).


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