our company wants to move towards Git and we are currently in the planing 
phase. We want to have a full migration of all our repositories so that we 
don't have both VCS running at the same time for one repository. One of the 
main problems that we will have is, that we use svn:externals and one 
requirement is, that we can checkout any revision in the past and build 
that revision (for product liability reasons and technical support). So the 
migration should be capable of having all the svn:externals converted to 
git-submodules and being able to have the right submodule revision for each 
past revision.

I read a lot on migration, but it seems this is just not possible. so i 
thought about the possiblity to add this functionality to the svn-clone 
command. Since i have all informations regarding one revision in the svn i 
should be possible to do this. 

Now my question: Does anyone ever did this? Are there better solutions for 
my problem? 

Thanks a lot for your input!

Best regads, 

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