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> Hi, 
> our company wants to move towards Git and we are currently in the
> planing phase. We want to have a full migration of all our
> repositories so that we don't have both VCS running at the same time
> for one repository. One of the main problems that we will have is,
> that we use svn:externals and one requirement is, that we can checkout
> any revision in the past and build that revision (for product
> liability reasons and technical support). So the migration should be
> capable of having all the svn:externals converted to git-submodules
> and being able to have the right submodule revision for each past
> revision.

It's very impressive if you are able to check out any revision on Trunk
and get the externals *at the correct revision on their Trunks*. Then
you must have some serious automation (or detailed manual process) in
place :)

Personally I find svn:externals to be an often misused feature; they
require a self control I rarely find (or exhibit myself) to be used
well. I tend to remove them wherever I find them.

Your possibility of finding a solution depends a great deal on your SVN
repos and the use of externals. E.g. if your various projects all have
their own TTB-roots and all svn:externals only refer to locations in
other projects (i.e. svn:externals on tags refer to tags in other
projects), then I don't really see any theoretical problem with
conversion. However, svn:external can be used in much more "creative"
ways than that...

> I read a lot on migration, but it seems this is just not possible. so
> i thought about the possiblity to add this functionality to the
> svn-clone command. Since i have all informations regarding one
> revision in the svn i should be possible to do this.
> Now my question: Does anyone ever did this? Are there better solutions
> for my problem?

Have you looked at https://github.com/hbt/git-svn-migration


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