I've got something I'm working with that, for the lack of a better, I'm 
wanting to ensure takes place for a client of mine.

I access the remote repository and grab the code base to modify a web app. 
I then have to actually push anything to a branch off that base (*v_bridge*
*$> git checkout v_bridge*
{do some work - need to commit & push this to b_000121}

The way the client has defined their 'normal' process (*to which I had no 
knowledge*) is as follows:
** normal procedure (defined by client) is usually :*
** git checkout v_bridge*
** git branch b_000121*
** git publish b_000121*
** git checkout b_000121*
** do some work*
** git commit {filename.php}*
** git push origin b_000121*

So, bearing that in mind I just wanted to see what was happening. Checking 
the remote revealed as follows:
*$> git remote -v*
*origin  g...@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:/opt/git/lms.git (fetch)*
*origin  g...@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:/opt/git/lms.git (push)*

OK... all good. Checking the specifics for the remote - lots of irrelevant 
things here removed for brevity - that everything is setup OK, but of 
course I'm 'out of date' on the local server.
*$> git remote show origin*
** remote origin*
*  Fetch URL: git@*
*  Push  URL: git@*
*  HEAD branch: master*
*  Remote branches:*
*    b_000120             tracked*
*    b_000121             tracked*
*    b_000122             tracked*
*    b_000123             tracked*
*    v_bridge           tracked*
*  Local branches configured for 'git pull':*
*    master       merges with remote master*
*    v_bridge merges with remote v_bridge*
*  Local refs configured for 'git push':*
*    master       pushes to master   (up to date)*
*    v_bridge pushes to v_bridge (local out of date)*

Checking the local status displays what I've done on the local server.
*$> git status*
*# Changes not staged for commit:*
*#   (use "git add/rm <file>..." to update what will be committed)*
*#   (use "git checkout -- <file>..." to discard changes in working 
*# modified: code.php*
*# deleted: old_code.php*
*# Untracked files:*
*# (use "git add <file>..." to include in what will be committed)*
*# added_code.php*
*no changes added to commit (use "git add" and/or "git commit -a")*

So after getting the files added, staged and commits finished locally (
*v_bridge*) - client wants changes pushed to '*b_000121*'. For whatever 
reason, the '*git push*' operation is confusing the hell out of me... what 
operation(s) would get this done without making a mess of things on the 

*$> git push origin b_000121*
*$> git push remote v_bridge:b_000121*
*$> git push remote master:b_000121 *
*$> git push ???*

Ultimately, the goal is ensuring a '*git checkout b_000121*' picks up all 
changes committed and pushed correctly by anyone then pulling the source. I 
would then sync things locally on this server by checking out and 
re-pulling '*b_000121*' for any additional things that arise. Anything I'm 
missing or doesn't look correctly thought out?

*The Goal*
1) Get these (*important*) local changes committed to b_000121
2) Ensure all subsequent checkout/pull requests by anyone for b_000121 pick 
up all changes correctly
3) Reset the local to b_000121 to track all subsequent work / changes

Thanx SO MUCH in advance for any all input, ideas, constructive 
criticisms... it's ALL welcomed and greatly appreciated!


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