From: "Philip Oakley" <>
Sent: Saturday, April 30, 2016 12:29 PM

I'm trying to review all the commits that touch the string 'MSVC' within the
code (as part of

I've used 'git log -SMSVC --pretty='tformat:%h (%s,
%ad)' --date=short --reverse' to get a nice list of those commits.

The log command is being executed on my msvc-for-sdk branch, rather than the main repo.

However I seem to be getting lots of duplicate commits. That is, the commit
messages appear to be identical, but their sha1 values are different. e.g.

bf1a7ff (MinGW: disable CRT command line globbing, 2011-01-07)
a05e9a8 (MinGW: disable CRT command line globbing, 2011-01-07)
45cfa35 (MinGW: disable CRT command line globbing, 2011-01-07)
1d35390 (MinGW: disable CRT command line globbing, 2011-01-07)
022e029 (MinGW: disable CRT command line globbing, 2011-01-07)

So I'm trying to understand why these duplicates are occuring, and if
correct, where they all remerge back into the git main line.

It looks like these 'duplicates' are part of the rebasing merges (e.g. 319312f0c1a1ec688) which allow the old Msysgit and newer Git-for-Windows to continually rebase on top of the upstream git, so these fixup commits are endlessly rebased (thus retaining author dates) until they are finally upstreamed, so continually re-appear.

Using 'gitk --all' does indicate they are real, so I'm trying to get a
handle on how to sumarise these lines of development. Ultimately to make
sure that my PR to get the Visual Studio project script working actually
targets the correct operating stack (Msys/Msys2/MinGw??).

Any suggestion on how best to visualise the 'MSVC' development and
understand (or remove?) these "duplicates"?

I don't think the --left[right]-only options (in git log) are relevant as I'm not giving a 'symmetric range' but I maybe misunderstanding that.

[Just noticed.. it may be that these are duplicates on the maintenance
tracks, but I still don't see how to simplify to log]

As noted, the main cause appears to be the 'rebasing merge' technique developed on the msysgit/g4w project.

So at the moment I don't see a simplification based on say patch-id that says to show the patch only once (first or last, depending on --reverse)

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