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Sharan Basappa <sharan.basa...@gmail.com> wrote:

> In Git documents, it is mentioned that Git stores data as a stream of 
> snapshots. Compared to other VCS tools, the only difference I am able
> to tell is
> that Git stores the entire file for each versions while other VCS
> tools might store only differences.

Yes, each commit is a snapshot of the whole project.

But you have to understand that's *a concept* because behind the scenes
Git re-uses objects which are the same between multiple such snapshots,
compresses everything compressible and further crams data from older
history into the so-called pack files.  Hence even if the concept Git
uses to manage history sounds like being ineffective, to my knowledge,
Git is currently the most disk-space-effective VC tool in existence
(tested by various folks on projects of insane size such as Mozilla
Firefox codebase).

Please google the "Git from the bottom up" document and read it if you
want to know more nitty-gritty details about the Git implementation.

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