Here at my company, we are moving from Subversion to Git.  I have converted 
several of our projects over to Git, with submodules, and all is working 

for me, on Windows 7 64-bit...

However, I have a co-worker who uses Linux, and there we have a problem.

All of the repositories are on a network drive:  //ntws4/Git
When I check out Svr10 project, which has a submodule named der_libs, I use:

git clone //ntws4/git/Svr10 -b develop Svr10_dev --recursive

However, my co-worker on Linux, has to use:

*git clone 
/run/user/1000/gvfs/smb-share:server=,share=git/Svr10 -b 
develop Svr10 --recursive*

This works, except for the submodule(s)... for this project, .gitmodules 

[submodule "der_libs"]            
        path = der_libs           
        url = //ntws4/Git/der_libs
        branch = develop          

but that URL is not valid under Linux... How do I resolve this??  
Is there some way to convert the Samba path into a conventional URL path ??

On a slightly different tack, when I previously worked at a company that 
used, the path that they used was:

rather than a URL.  What would I have to do differently here, to be able to 
access our repository via the latter syntax ??

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