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> Hi Michael,
> There are probably three things to look at here, one is how to generate a 
> 'refspec' (see `git help glossary` : A "refspec" is used by fetch and push to 
> describe the mapping between remote ref and local ref) which has the form 
> <here>:<there> which can do any number of name conversions. This is now 
> particularly bad for me, looking at both git.git and git-for-windows, which 
> both have a 'master' branch, but they are different! I've retained the old 
> msysgit 'devel` name (locally) for the GfW master branch.
> The second thing is the distinction between Github "Pull Requests", and the 
> Git command that generates an email containing a pull request statement for 
> others. They are different beasts. The email PR allows the recipient to 
> choose what to do in an open manner. The Github PR can be more confused, but 
> does hide that master v master issue.
> The third is to understand "remotes", which are anything but remote!. A rtb 
> (remote tracking branch) is actually a local branch that tracks (i.e. has a 
> recently synced copy) of a remote's branch, and, it is in your own DAG, with 
> it's tip pointer hidden under the refs/remotes/ namespace (if what they have 
> matches something you have, then your DAG is unchanged, it's just their sha1 
> pointer that could be to a different commit). It takes a while to realise 
> that origin/master has little to do with master in any formal sense. Its only 
> the presumptions of convention that keeps folk confused (when they want 
> something not quite exactly that convention).
> The syncing issue is in many ways a social and consistency issue. There is a 
> special form of the ref spec (with a leading +) that says to do a forced 
> update, but that's where making sure it gets stuffed into an rtb makes all 
> the difference - if they've updated stuff, that's the stuff you want, but 
> ref'd separately in the rtb namespace.
> For another book, look at "Git for Teams" - which I haven't read, but it just 
> came up on the main git list in the last few hours - it may have some tidbits 
> (available as pdf).
> Yes, the mindset shift is complete and total - Obtuse doesn't come anywhere 
> near for those parts that aren't being grokked (now you'll have to read that 
> book on grokking..)


Ok, I understand grokking, a martian term that literally translates as "drink" 
(yes, I know my old science fiction). And, I understood that I need to find the 
book "Git for Teams".


The rest of that is as confusing as you would expect it to be.

Ok, so a remote tracking branch isn't actually a remote branch. Origin/master 
is not master. You've actually got the case of two different "masters" in two 
different versions of the same project that you (maintain? Help maintain? 
Sign-off on?). And a pull request is not a pull request.

Did I understand that correctly?

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