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> Hello everyone, I am doing a comparison of the above mentioned servers for 
> on-prem deployment. I would appreciate any feedback.
> With any of these tools, we will be using Git not Mercurial.
> Gitlab Community vs Bitbucket vs Gitlab Enterprise OR if another system is 
> better than these
> What is important: 
>    1. pull requests: would like to kick off build based on approval of
>       code review
>    2. branch permissions: we want to disable direct commit to master
>       branch. we do not want devA to be able to modify branch created
>       by devB (not a deal breaker if unavailable)
>    3. conditions: merge to master will only be allowed once code
>       review has passed This means another user/dev/tester has OK'd
>       the pull request. Or another mechanism for this function.
>    4. Nice UI
>    5. multi-site HA

What steps have you taken to find this out for yourself?

The difference between Gitlab CE and Gitlab EE is well documented on
their site. Gitlab CE is available as a Docker container so you can get
it up and test it for yourself in less than 5 minutes. The same seems to
be true for bitbucket!


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