Hi Git Experts,

We have been exploring various ways to improve git cloning time, one among 
them is using bitmap which is suppose to save time "counting objects".  but 
i have problem creating bitmap since the repository contains 100's of pack 
files. the bitmap file is not created when i use "git gc".

I have the following entries in my .gitconfig.

        packSizeLimit = 10m
        writebitmaps = on
        writeBitmapHashCache = on

If i just dont use "packSizeLimit = 10m", then bitmap is created just by 
running git gc

Can you please make me understand ?, What i understood is that the bitmap 
is created when there is a single pack file, but if i split it into 
multiple pack file, the bitmap generation fails with the warning
"warning: disabling bitmap writing, as some objects are not being packed".


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