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  Subject: [git-users] git repo bitmap creation

  Hi Git Experts,

  We have been exploring various ways to improve git cloning time, one among 
them is using bitmap which is suppose to save time "counting objects".  but i 
have problem creating bitmap since the repository contains 100's of pack files. 
the bitmap file is not created when i use "git gc".

  I have the following entries in my .gitconfig.

          packSizeLimit = 10m

          writebitmaps = on
          writeBitmapHashCache = on

  If i just dont use "packSizeLimit = 10m", then bitmap is created just by 
running git gc

  Can you please make me understand ?, What i understood is that the bitmap is 
created when there is a single pack file, but if i split it into multiple pack 
file, the bitmap generation fails with the warning
  "warning: disabling bitmap writing, as some objects are not being packed".

The bitmaps are designed (IIUC) specifically for the case of everything being 
inside the one pack, which is the most optimal for finding the objects. 

If you have many packs thaten the search can span the packs, but the bit map 
does not, so has to give up.

It is worth exploring the git developers list at www.public-inbox.org/git The 
primary author of the bitmaps code (again IIRC) was Jeff King (Peff), so a 
quicj seach should come up with a much better explanation than my half 
remembered, half understood reply ;-)

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