yueli...@gmail.com於 2017年6月17日星期六 UTC+8下午5時20分31秒寫道:
> rough steps:
> 0. suppose there are A and B branch in TheSubmodule repo, A is used by 
> ProjectA, and B is used by ProjectB
> 1. move Projects/ProjectA/.git/modules/TheSubmodule to a common folder, 
> say Projects/Common/TheSubmodule.
> 2. delete the key worktree of Projects/Common/TheSubmodule/config file

this step may be wrong. maybe modify the key worktree value to the correct 

> 3. modify Projects/ProjectA/TheSubmodule/.git file, make the gitdir points 
> to the new path inner that common folder.
> 4. rename Projects/ProjectB/TheSubmodule to 
> Projects/ProjectB/TheOldSubmodule
> 5. run command `git worktree add ../../ProjectB/TheSubmodule B` in 
> Projects/ProjectA/TheSubmodule
> 6. delete Projects/ProjectB/TheOldSubmodule and 
> Projects/ProjectB/.git/modules/TheSubmodule
> Yue Lin Ho

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