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On Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at 3:18:09 AM UTC+2, yueli...@gmail.com wrote:
> After some tests, I got a better way to do that: Just use git worktree 
> feature.
> Here is an example:
> Suppose you have 2 (or more) projects, and they use a library_XYZ 
> submodule:
> /home/projects/project1/library_XYZ
> /home/projects/project2/library_XYZ
> Then, you just need to do these:
> 1. Delete /home/projects/project2/library_XYZ
>     because the coming worktree command needs no folder there
> 2. Delete /home/projects/project2/.git/modules/library_XYZ
>     no need it anymore, just save your hard disk space. :P
> 3. cd /home/projects/project1/library_XYZ
> 4. Create a branch "project2" in /home/projects/project1/library_XYZ
>     if you don't have a branch for the coming worktree
> 5. run "git worktree add ../../project2/library_XYZ project2"
>     this is the magic commend. :D

I`m not sure if "git-worktree" is the right tool for the job here... While 
the proposed steps do seem to work from the perspective of "project2" so 
far, "project1/library_XYZ" submodule is effectively "polluted" with an 
extra branch ("project2") and an additional (linked) working tree attached 
to it.

This feels hacky to say the least - I`m not sure if there are any 
unexpected drawbacks from usability perspective, but it`s certainly does 
not seem necessary to accomplish the desired goal.

What looks like an easier (and less intrusive) solution may be to just edit 
the ".git" _file_ of each submodule we want to reroute (and then delete 
corresponding submodule repository inside ".git/modules/", as already 
mentioned) -- this is basically what step 5 described above does to ".git" 
file, but here without other (unneeded and might be unwanted) "worktree" 
related stuff.

For the given example of two projects using the same submodule:

(*1*) /home/projects/project1/.git                     << project repository
    /home/projects/project1/.git/modules/library_XYZ << submodule repository
    /home/projects/project1/library_XYZ/*.git*         << submodule *file*
    /home/projects/project2/.git                     << project repository
    /home/projects/project2/.git/modules/library_XYZ << submodule repository
    /home/projects/project2/library_XYZ/*.git*         << submodule *file*

... we can edit "/home/projects/project2/library_XYZ/.git" file to point to 
"library_XYZ" submodule repo inside "project1", by changing this:

(*2*) gitdir: ../.git/modules/library_XYZ

... to this:

(*3*) gitdir: ../../project1/.git/modules/library_XYZ

... and deleting "/home/projects/project2/.git/modules/library_XYZ" 
submodule repository as it`s not used anymore (as explained above), getting 
to this (note we have submodule repository only once now):

(*4*) /home/projects/project1/.git                     << project repository
    /home/projects/project1/.git/modules/library_XYZ << submodule repository
    /home/projects/project1/library_XYZ/*.git*         << submodule *file*
    /home/projects/project2/.git                     << project repository
    /home/projects/project2/library_XYZ/*.git*         << submodule *file*

Even better, if possible/preferred, we could make the situation look like 

(*5*) /home/projects/library_XYZ/.git          << project repository
    /home/projects/project1/.git             << project repository
    /home/projects/project1/library_XYZ/*.git* << submodule *file*
    /home/projects/project2/.git             << project repository
    /home/projects/project2/library_XYZ/*.git* << submodule *file*

... where we can than have a "clean and obvious" repository for 
"library_XYZ" outside of any other project, and just reroute all submodule 
files inside other projects to it.

For the given example of "/home/projects/project1/library_XYZ/.git" and 
"/home/projects/project2/library_XYZ/.git" files, edit them to:

(*6*) gitdir: ../../library_XYZ/.git

*p.s.* If "/home/projects/project*X*/library_XYZ/.git" is a Git 
_repository_ and not a file (and "/home/projects/project*X*/.git/modules/
library_XYZ" repository probably does not exist), you can run:

(*7*) $ git submodule absorbgitdirs

... inside every "project*X*" repository, so submodule "library_XYZ" 
repository is moved from "/home/projects/project*X*/library_XYZ/.git" to "
/home/projects/project*X*/.git/modules/library_XYZ", and "
/home/projects/project*X*/library_XYZ/.git" becomes a file you can 
edit/reroute, deleting "/home/projects/project*X*/.git/modules/library_XYZ" 
afterwards, as explained above.


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