Forgive my noobyness. What I am doing to learn Git is I have a 'central 
repo' (which is not really a central) as a directory structure on a hared 
network drive (windows H: drive). I have Git and Giteye installed. The repo 
on the H: drive looks like this:

    Directory: H:\DBA_PROD\mssql

Mode                LastWriteTime         Length Name
----                -------------         ------ ----
d-----       11/30/2017  11:05 AM                procs
d-----       11/30/2017  10:12 AM                sql

I added an empty repo and then made a PROD branch. Added files to the prod 
branch, committed the files. then I checked out a devel branch. Then I 
cloned the devel branch to my local drive. I've added and deleted files 
from the local branch. Now I want to get the local devel branch to the 
'remote' devel branch (on the H: drive). I'm using Giteye as opposed to git 
Push upstream didn't work - seems to come back OK, but the deleted files 
don't get deleted (on the H: drive, and the new files don't appear). Merge 
makes the local and 'remote' history appear the same, but yest the files 
have not been changed.
Clearly I have no idea what I'm doing (which is why I'm trying to learn...).
anyone, please help?
much thanks,

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