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> when i configure user name, i used the command: $ git config --global 
> user.name "Yu Liu",
> but the result is : the user name is set as Yu.
> why the result is that, and how i change name to Yu Liu??

This may simply mean that before running `git config` with the "--global"
command-line option you have run it without one, and also without
quoting your name -- like in, say

  $ git config user.name Yu Liu

If yes, that command have set the config.name parameter in the
configuration of your local Git repository (inside which you have run
that command), and now this local setting overrides your global one, so
setting `git config --global user.name ...` simply have no visible effect.

"The trick" here is that Git have three levels where it stores its

 - system: that's the system-global stuff under /etc on POSIX systems or
   %ProgramFiles%\Git - on Windows.

 - global: that's the configuration global to a particular user, kept
   under their home directory.

 - local: exists in a particular Git repository.

Each "more narrow" layer overrides the previous more wide one.
If a particular setting exists in a local repository, it's used,
otherwise the global config is consulted; failing that the system-wide
config is searched for, and finally the default setting for a parameter
is applied, if any.


  $ git config --get-all user.name
  Konstantin Khomoutov
  $ git config user.name Yu Liu
  $ git config --get-all user.name
  Konstantin Khomoutov

To solve the immediate problem you should remove the user.name parameter
from the local config:

  $ git config --unset user.name

Or you may be explicit:

  $ git config --unset --local user.name

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