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> > > when i configure user name, i used the command: $ git config --global 
> > > user.name "Yu Liu", 
> > > but the result is : the user name is set as Yu. 
> > > why the result is that, and how i change name to Yu Liu?? 
> >
> > This may simply mean that before running `git config` with the "--global" 
> > command-line option you have run it without one, and also without 
> > quoting your name -- like in, say 

> [image: error.PNG] <about:invalid#zClosurez>
> thank you very much for your kindly explaining. but when i remove the user 
> name, there is an error shown in the picture.

Please never post images, copy and paste text from them instead.

It's not always possible to display images (for instance, I'm reading my
mail in a console application), and the text they render is not
searcheable, and hence it does not get indexed by the Internet search
engines when your message is archived. This means the next person with
the same problem you have will not be able to search your post - and
possible answers to it (which is clearly a disservice to the community -
remember that this is not a paid support, and we're spending our time).

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