> On Fri, Feb 24, 2023 at 06:41:02AM -0800, Philip Oakley wrote:

> I would also not be susprised if at leat some of the repos (those maintained
> by "the leutenants") were hosted using the same infrastructure which was
> hosting (and still does) the kernel tarballs, the mailing list and its
> archives, the wiki etc.

> And yes, hosting Git is simple for anyone with reasonably decent "sysadmin"
> skill set. I mean "plain" hosting - which does not provide any fancy web UI
> to the repos. It might also be of interest that it was possible (almost since
> the beginning) so have "asymmetric" Git hosting: using its plain "native"
> protocol for R/O access and host it via SSH for R/W access.

[1]I just found 

I wonder whether this was possible in 2007.

But it would require a machine (desktop/Laptop) to be permanently
connected with a fixed IP (or better an entry in a DNS server).

[1]  I always thought about  self hosting software like kallithea and
     friends, but it did not occur to me that this is most about a fancy
     web interface

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